Loose pants you can lounge in with!

Loose pants you can lounge in with!


Lockdown taught us that we can also look good in loose pants and lowers. Loose pants are always a good option when you can’t decide anything else.

Look for bottoms either in a culotte silhouette or a pair with wide legs that don't cling to your body. Ideally, these pants should flow as you walk or offer some sort of movement and while these pants are "loose," they should still fit properly. I've found plenty of relaxed trousers that offer a non-suffocating fit, below, but still maintain that tailored and sophisticated form.

Loose pants aren't made exclusively for play and lounging in, either; they can be styled as in-office or working from home ensembles as well. These days, we're all looking to feel dressed up without having to lose style or comfort.

Pair it with a tee, bodysuit, oversize sweater, blazer...whatever your heart desires!

Looking for a pair of loose pants that you will make you feel put together yet lounge-y without being in sweats? Here, We have opted few trendy pants for you.


  1. Cargo trousers

A fashionable cargo trousers is just what girl needs. Team this with a matching top and some shoes or flats for a relaxed lunch look. The cargo with belt loops look more sexy.

  1. Free Sprint Wide legs

Not only are they stunning, but also roomy and comfortable. This focuses on timeless wardrobe essentials and investment piece for the modern woman. The collection also includes iconic ’90s style. Think edgy, rock ‘n’ roll with a touch of allure.

  1. Tailored Trousers

You can opt these on-trend tailored trousers and embrace your new look. You can wear it with polo t-shirts or some simple top when you are taking your date out at nice restaurant.

  1. Leather effect elastic waist trousers

Instead of the skinny leather pants and leather leggings that used to be the default, there's a new style in the mix that's threatening to overthrow the skinnies as we know them. The rising trend I'm referring to is leather trousers.

Magic happens when you pair wide leather pants with a structured jacket.

  1. Clancy pants

The word "trousers" can conjure up images of the stuffy, tight-fitted bottoms one dreads wearing to work, but this pair is anything but. Boyish's version of the trouser is constructed with a loose but tailored drape and has voluminous slouchy legs that don't cling to your body.

 Pants, in general, are leaning towards the more relaxed end of the style spectrum right now with wide-leg jeans and slouchy trousers dominating—and leather pants are no exception. More specifically, I"m seeing a rise of both wide-leg and denim-inspired straight-leg fits that feel so right for the times we're in.

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