Learn From Kelly Rowland: Level Up Your Fashion Sense

Learn From Kelly Rowland: Level Up Your Fashion Sense

Are you a fashion lover? Then look no further! Kelly Rowland is someone you should be following. Known for her super cool style and perfect fashion taste, Kelly never fails to amaze us. And with her latest film, "Mea Culpa", she's proven that she's a total superstar in the world of fashion.

About the Film: "Mea Culpa"

Meet the Fashionable Mea Harper

In the film, Kelly plays the main role of Mea Harper, a smart lawyer. Things get crazy as she decides to help a tough case, an artist named Zyair Malloy (played by Trevante Rhodes). Along with the twists in the movie plot, we also get a peek at Kelly's amazing fashion ideas.

Busy Promotion Days and Fashion Outfits

Kelly's been hustling to promote her new movie on Netflix, which quickly climbed to the most-watched list, with 32 million hours watched, according to Screen Rant. And guess what? Her promotion days were loaded with stunning fashion too. Wearing a long, camel-colored dress with buttons by Luar and styled by Kollin Carter, Kelly showed off her striking fashion skills.


A Special Dress with Big Shoulder Pads

Her outfit was super cool, thanks to the big shoulder pads in her dress. It added a personal and unique touch that stole the spotlight.

To tap into Kelly’s trendy style, consider Bauble's "Nancy One Shoulder Body Suit". It is a black, one-shoulder body suitwhich would stylishly mirror the one-shoulder trend portrayed by Kelly. 

Nancy One Shoulder Body Suit

You can also check out bauble's "Jore Blazer Dress" for a perfect look like kelly's. The padded shoulder with buttons is what kelly likes and this is something perfect for her look. Chic and classy look!


Kelly's Charming Style With Colors And Prints

Kelly made heads turn once again as she rocked a yellow and black zebra patterned dress by GCDS FW23 and a bright yellow coat. With the perfect hair and makeup by Ursula Stephen and Sheika Daley, Kelly looked oh-so-gorgeous!



The Tips And Tricks Behind Kelly’s Amazing Fashion

Kelly's fabulous style doesn't come easy. It's all thanks to her talented team of fashion stylists, Kollin Carter, and Wilford Lenov. They work their magic to make sure Kelly always looks her best.

If you haven't watched ‘Mea Culpa’ yet, don't miss out! You'll get to see Kelly's fantastic outfits and enjoy a fun story. And remember, we'd love to hear what you think about our ultimate style queen, Kelly's signature look!

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