Amazing Style Shown Off at The MAC Viva Glam Ball

Amazing Style Shown Off at The MAC Viva Glam Ball

Did you see Teyana Taylor at the MAC Viva Glam Ball recently? She looked amazing! Known for her impressive skills in music, directing, and acting, Teyana also has a really big impact in fashion.

Teyana Taylor in a silver metallic dress


From wearing outfits that really stand out to showing off her mysterious charm in formal clothes, Teyana perfectly shows what it means to be a total pro in fashion. But in this event, she stunned everyone with her outfit that looked like it came from the future at the MAC Viva Glam Ball.


Teyana Taylor dazzling in her outfit

Stunning the Crowd with Silver Glam

Teyana showed up sparkling in a silver metallic LaQuan Smith dress on the red carpet. The dress, with zippers and textured designs, was the perfect fit for a theme that looked like the future. Her outfit was paired with a metallic nail polish, a metallic clutch, and pointed toe pumps that made her look even more amazing.

Did we forget to say she had silver jewelry on her face that is quickly becoming her signature look? Of course, we shouldn't forget her bright red hair which contrasted her outfit perfectly. Without a doubt, Teyana's outfit was perfect for her.

Showcasing Unique Fashion

With all of her cool looks, Teyana always seems to be leading the pack. Everyone was taken in by her LaQuan Smith dress that made her shine and look very stylish on the red carpet. She definitely stole the spotlight!


Teyana Taylor looking fabulous in her sparkling dress

For those who may not know, Teyana has worked with MAC make-up earlier and used this event to show off her new line of make-up. Her versatile collection includes a range of must-haves from lipstick and eyeliner to blush and bronzers.

If you learn anything from Teyana's attendance at the MAC Viva Glam Ball, it should be that she always looks fashionable and energetic with little to no effort. 

Teyana Taylor in her intriguing ensemble
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