Hey Trend-setters, It's Summer Fashion Time!

Hey Trend-setters, It's Summer Fashion Time!

Summer is back with lots of sunshine, long fun-filled days, and a chance to show off your brilliant and flashy style. Here are some cool summer fashion inspirations to help you stand out from the crowd and feel like a model rocking the catwalk every time you step out.


Go Neon this Summer

Neon shades are back this summer! Bright and colorful shades of pink, green, and yellow are totally cool and versatile. Pair them with simple colors for a pop of brightness or go full neon. This crop top from H & M is a perfect example for the neon outfit idea.

Get Creative with Mix and Match Prints

You know that rule in fashion that doesn’t allow different sorts of patterns to be worn at the same time? Forget it! Many enthusiasts followed this trend and began to combine different types of prints in their clothing. You simply choose your desired color, and then you start layering different prints. As for me this trend suits well for dresses, shorts, shirts, accessories and even t-shirts. And it will for sure bring a certain amount of nonchalance and playfulness into your summer wardrobe.

Keeping with this trend up take a look at bauble's Bohemian styled "Matilda Dress" is the perfect option - it's a floral, maxi, spaghetti strap dress, great for summer, beach and especially, vacation wear!

Matilda Dress

Look Cool with Corset Tops and Dresses

Corset tops and dresses are making a comeback and trust me, they look fab. They are a nice alternative to the usual summer tops. Corset tops, apart from looking classy, also enhance your figure by tightening around the waist and making the bust line more pronounced. Just pair them with denim shorts for a relaxed look, or a high-waist skirt for a more stylish look. This corset dress is from one and only H & M, perfect look, simple, classy and elegant!

Swirl in Flowing Maxi Dresses

As expected, maxi dresses are staple clothing piece for the summer and 2019 is a testament to this. Due to their flexibility, they are comfortable and when beautiful, they create a sleepy look which is synonymous with summer. Furthermore, it can be stated that due to the wide range of patterns and styles, there exists the maxi dress for any woman. This is a spectacular Dresses from Oliphant’ collection for summer party looking beautifully vintage and elegant. The “Smocked Back Maxi- Tourain Pink” dress will surely make you look stunning. This piece is a wardrobe favourite because of it sheen look and its printed, floor-touching length.

As summer nears, it's time to start planning your wardrobe with these cool trends. Not only will you look super stylish, but also feel the joy that comes with the summer season.

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