Fashion Hacks for Combining Comfort and Coolness

Fashion Hacks for Combining Comfort and Coolness

Many people seem to believe that one cannot be comfortable and stylish at the same time while choosing what to wear. But thanks to shifts in the fashion cycle today we are receiving apparels that are fashionable and at the same time very comfortable.

Fashion Trend #1: The Popularity of Athleisure

Starting off the list, we have athleisure. As for the athletic wear, it was originally popular only in gym, but nowadays it is alright to wear these comfortable and rather utilitarian garments in public. This trend literally adds the concept of comfort associated with sportswear and combines it with the concept of style commonly linked to daily wear clothing, and thus, you end up with dope streetwear which can be worn to virtually any event.

Tips for Dressing In Athleisure

As for athleisure, styling can be relatively easy most of the time. A suggestion would therefore be to wear a sports bra or tank top with leggings, and perhaps, a oversize sweater or jacket over it. Regarding shoes the idea is to choose anything starting from sneakers to short boots or any other type chosen to your taste and comfort.


Fashion Trend #2: The Coziness of Oversized Clothes

Next, we have the trend of oversized clothes. Now, wearing loose clothing doesn't mean you look sloppy. We see this with the return of huge blazers, pants with wide legs, and chunky styles. It shows that you can be comfy and fashionable at the same time.

How to Dress In Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothing, especially when worn on the torso, has to be balanced in order to look good. Since the clothes are loose, it is advisable to wear them with something form-fitting. A large blazer can look great with a tight t-shirt and skinny jeans, or an extra-large sweater can pair well with a medium-long skirt. Mixing loose and tight clothes can keep the oversized trend from being too much.

Show Off Your Own Style

Whether it's the easygoing athleisure or the bold oversized clothes, these trends offer fashionable and comfy ways to show your unique style. Keep in mind, trends come and go. But your own style is forever. Love it, wear it proudly, and turn each street into your personal fashion show.

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