Let’s Talk Fashion: The Growing Popularity of Mesh

Let’s Talk Fashion: The Growing Popularity of Mesh

Fashion is always changing—like the seasons —but, there's one trending style that everyone is loving and it's here to stay for a while: Mesh! We first saw them in high-end fashion collections from designers like Khaite and The Row and now, you can find them everywhere!


To take your mesh trend to the next level, may we suggest the striking 'Mabel Dress' from Bauble Buy? It's an embroidered, floral white dress with a trendy mesh detail, in line with the trending mesh style.


Mabel Dress

Mesh Flats: Super Comfy and Goes with Anything

Everyone loves mesh flats, not just because they look cool, but also because they're really comfortable and can be paired with so many outfits! Whether you're wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a pretty sundress, mesh flats are the perfect way to make your outfit even better!



Why not pair your mesh flats with Bauble Buy's 'Cille Maxi Dress'? Its elegant square collar and elastic waist make it a comfortable choice, not to mention its mesh details that beautifully sync with your mesh flats.


Cille Maxi Dress

Mesh Flats for Every Budget

Worried these super trendy shoes might be too expensive? Don't sweat it! Mesh flats are available in a wide range of prices. So, whether you want to treat yourself to a high-end pair or you prefer something a bit more affordable like from ZARA, you can definitely find a pair that fits your budget!


So Many Styles and Colors to Choose From

The best part about mesh flats is that they come in so many different styles and colors. Whether you like traditional ballet flats, trendy mary janes, or something a little more out there, you're sure to find a style you love. And, they come in every color—cool blues, lively greens, sleek blacks—you name it, there's probably a mesh flat in that color!

We recommend the 'Jagger Dress' from Bauble Buy if you want to play with colors. Its butterfly sleeve, floral print, and midi length are chic and fashion-forward. And its lace mesh detail is a subtle match to your mesh flats.


Jagger Dress


You see, wearing mesh is like having a fashion adventure. There are so many styles, colors, and prices to choose from. No matter your style or how much you want to spend, you can find a pair that's perfect for you. 

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