Get Eudoxie's Cool Courtside Style!

Get Eudoxie's Cool Courtside Style!

Gabonese star, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue Bridges, recently turned heads with her super stylish outfit at a basketball event in Rwanda. Let's check out what she wore and see how you can nail a similar look!

Catch the Rainbow with the Pucci Ensemble

Eudoxie rocked a colourful Pucci outfit - a silk button-up top costing $1,225 and tights worth $245. The awesome thing about colourful prints is, you can mix them with other clothes and create lots of different looks. So, don't shy away from color – it can make your outfit pop and brighten up your day too!



Speaking of colorful prints and silk material, the 'Dreamcatcher 2 pc set' from Bauble Buy would be a terrific addition to replicate the Pucci look. It brings together creature prints,  with a backdrop of a vivacious colours for a standout look.

Swag up with Accessories

Accessories can show off your unique style. Eudoxie paired her outfit with a cool $2,100 green Bottega Veneta mini shoulder bag. When you're picking out accessories, try to go for stuff that matches the colors in your outfit. Like Eudoxie, you can bring out hidden colors in your outfit with your accessories!

Level Up with Awesome Shoes

Let's move on to shoes. Eudoxie wore powder-blue 'The Attico' heels, designed in Italy and studded with sparkly crystals. Remember If you're wearing a colorful outfit, go for plain shoes. Plus, shiny stuff like crystals can make you look even more dazzling!

The Magic of Matching Colors

Eudoxie looked really stylish in her Pucci outfit. She smartly matched her accessories with her clothes, giving her look elegance and sophistication. We'd love to know what you think of the way she dressed.


Now Try It Out!

So there you go! Fashioning like stars has never been an easy situation, right? Just be ready to play around with some new trends, make an attempt to reunite accessories and clothing, and, in general, enhance the overall appearance with the help of self-assurance. Well, that is how you stand out at times! Now go out there and be FABULOUS!! Whether you are a man dressing up for a date, going clubbing, or attending a formal event, or you are a woman going out on a date, to work, or to party, always make sure that you look as fabulous as you can.

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