Discover the Latest Cool Style with this Snazzy VB Set

Discover the Latest Cool Style with this Snazzy VB Set

Fashion is always changing, and this season, there's a new mash-up of comfort and style. A cool new combination is here from Veronica Beard, called the VB Set. This looks like it's perfect for the girls out there who love staying stylish every day.


A great addition to this style could be our "Edith Tweed Skirt Suit". This 2-piece set is perfect for both autumn and winter looks with a jacket and mermaid skirt that would perfectly complement your VB Set's Style



Edith Tweed Skirt Suit Image

Digging into the Details: What's the VB Set?

The trendy VB Set is picked out by Veronica Beard. It combines three main pieces - a snazzy jacket, a vest, and a pair of shorts. Along with these, there are some shoes from Hill House Home, and accessories include a pretty Prada bag and sunglasses from Amazon.


Veronica Beard's jacket brings a cool touch to the overall outfit. It's modern, and you can wear it with different outfits. It looks really glam on any dress.
The Veronica Beard vest is another key feature of this smart outfit.
The vest is designed to be comfy and fashionable, and it's really eye-catching.


The VB Set from Veronica Beard is the perfect mix of style and practicality. It goes hand in hand with your daily needs. When paired with the right accessories, this outfit is perfect for any style-conscious girl out there.

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