New Ways to Spice Up Your Outfit!

New Ways to Spice Up Your Outfit!

Hi, would you like to wear beautiful nice clothes and looking fashionable? Clothes and trends differ with time and it is great fun to combine different clothes. Looking fashionable can make one feel up and prepared to conquer the world. Therefore, let us have a look at this rather interesting and rather professional list from Bauble’s Fashion Blog with the records of the best tricks and the most popular trends of the season.

Soft Pastel Shades Are In

Soft, easy-on-the-eyes colors like lavender (light purple), mint (cool green), and peach (pinkish-orange) are becoming pretty popular. They're calming to look at, and you'll feel pleasant wearing them. Try wearing an outfit in these colors with accessories in simple, neutral tones. But remember, don't go overboard – a hint of pastel in your outfit is enough to make you look stylish.

The '90s are Back, Folks!

Remember everything cool about the '90s? Well, they're back in style! Try on some high-waist jeans, oversized denim jackets, and sturdy combat boots. If you're bold enough, wear a band tee or flannel shirt, just like stars in the '90s!

Try Puffy Sleeves

Guess what's making a comeback? Puffy sleeves! Wearing clothes with puffy sleeves can make you look stylish, whether it's for a normal day out or a big event. Combine this trend with high-waist jeans and some simple jewelry to make your outfit really pop. This puffy dress is from Bauble Buy, "Aria Dress". 

Cool and Comfy: Bucket Hats

Want to look cool while protecting yourself from the sun? Try a bucket hat. These '90s-inspired hats come in lots of different colors, patterns, and materials, so you can find one that you love. Bucket hats aren't just for the beach; they can add a splash of fun to any outfit.


To sum it all up, fashion is all about embodying your individuality and having fun with every piece of clothing that you put on. We wish these trends will make you enjoy the season and look incredibly fabulous at the same time. Therefore, what is your waiting for? It is now high time to incorporate these cool tips and trends into your wardrobe and step out in style!

Happy Dressing!

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