Let’s Flow With The Waves of Style: Beach Fashion with Atlantic-Pacific's Latest Looks

Let’s Flow With The Waves of Style: Beach Fashion with Atlantic-Pacific's Latest Looks


The time when the sun paints the sky with the brightest colors and the wind blows through your hair , with the most beautiful white clouds filling the sky with beautiful painting. I cannot help being crazy about the outfits in summer where all you need is bright and comfortable clothing with a touch of stylish accessories. I have been using the theme of infinity, taken from the ocean, in addition to the lightheartedness of the beach hives and mixed it up with bold colors, eye-catching designs, and fashion accessories.

In the last range of the Atlantic-Pacific, I have met a wardrobe with a particular significance, which depicts the same warmth of a beach journey. Everything in those pieces told its own story about my beauty and went higher and higher with my fashion. From the majestic to the smart the collection presented something that would make you scream with excitement.

One of the standout outfits was the dress from BaubleBuy: the most beautiful pink dress with lanterns sleeves named The Eleanor Dress. The color of this dress is absolutely stunning and soothing to look at. The belt give this dress a classic vibe. This immediately cheered up my mood and this detail is suitable for any summer activity. 

Can’t Go Wrong With Some Sunglasses From Amazon

Being a sun loving fashionista, I never go without it and you can ask my friends how I make it clear my favorite Amazon is always with me. I feel more confidant as I leave the house knowing that I will not only be protected from the sun but also be perfectly complemented with my outfit. Either I'm a mere beach or I'm having a brunch with my friends, the sunglasses are my first choice, attractive and protecting you from UV rays.


Let’s Fall Head Over Heels For The Daniella Dress

Nevertheless, it is the Daniella's outfit that I remember from the show. A number of vibrant colors mixed together, these colors shimmered with joy of the harvest. The colors were rich, and most especially, the print blended well together. Besides that, it is also available for the plus size fashion store owner is the Classic Sleeve Daniella Dress by Bauble Buy, it is one of the best!

Boost Your Style With Sling Bag

Sure, we can't miss the bag right? A small yet pretty bag from Bauble Buy: Abstract Strap Bag makes the outfit even better. It compliments the colors of Daniella dress and gives you a beach vibe. It proves how a good a sling bag can make your outfit stand out.


Fashion Is All About Being You

I love coastal style! It has no limits. It's not about costly clothes or following trends for me,  It's all about being yourself with happiness. Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific, I want to bring color to every place I go. Let's embrace summer and seaside fashion. Let's show how great life can be with lots of colors and positivity. 

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