Get Fashionable: Time to Show Some Color Love!

Get Fashionable: Time to Show Some Color Love!

Watch out kids, the world of fashion is lighting up with all the colors of the rainbow. Just take a peep at this exciting rainbow dress by Boden. This trend means you get to play with all the cool colors in one outfit.

Open the Box of Colors

 Looking at the fashion scene of this season, one will realize that it is about time to rock every color. Just imagine a rainbow dress, it should be something like a dress made and designed by some famous fashion icons such as Boden and would be made of all the colors that exist. The dress has big and colorful striping on it which makes your outfit bright and melodic. But bear this in mind; it is ok to have that one gorgeous accessory, but avoid going overboard with them, let the dress do the talking.

If you are looking for bold colour dresses like borden you can also check Bauble Buy's amazing, "Sundrenched Nysa Dress". Look at the abstract on the dress with different colour used. Perfect for any outdoor event or beach look!

Match it Just Right

If you want to rock this colorful fashion, just remember to choose your accessories carefully. Take the example with Boden dress. The dress can be matched with shoes from Veronica Beard and a bag from Tod's. The glossy shine from the bag and shoes can contrasts perfectly with the playful dress. This way, you enjoy the colors but don't look like a walking rainbow.

Be Bold

If you're all set with a colorful rainbow dress, don't shy away from showing your style. Why not add a pair of bauble's Bowline earrings? Even though these classic earrings are super elegant, they go wonderfully with the vibrant dress. They add a bit of charm to this modern trend.

And Finally... Remember, fashion is all about balance, and with the right bits and bobs, the rainbow trend can be fun and fashionable. So, ready to color up your style

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