All About Oliphant Dresses: The Cool Choice for Girls

All About Oliphant Dresses: The Cool Choice for Girls

Comfort, function, and style - these are the top things we all look for in our clothes for different events and occasions throughout the year. When it comes to this, dresses have always been a favorite because they can be comfy, easy to wear, and follow what's cool in fashion. One dressmaker that makes very intriguing dresses is the brand called Oliphant.

If you're looking for a stunning dress for a gala event, we would strongly recommend checking out Bauble Buy's "Gemma's Gala Dress". It's an elegant long dress with a layered design and beautiful prints.

Gemma's Gala Dress

About the Oliphant Brand

Have you heard of Cara Hotchkiss? She created the Oliphant brand in 2012. Her dresses are a great mix of playful spirit and a girly touch. Her love for colors and new ideas shows in every Oliphant dress, with vibrant prints, out-of-the-box shapes, and heritage crafting methods. What's special about this brand is they use high-quality fabrics and resort to neat printing, intricate beading, and delicate embroidery, making each dress a work of art.


If you appreciate lace and intricate detailing in dresses you may like the "Lela Dress" from Bauble Buy. This luxury maxi dress features a vintage design with a beautiful blend of mesh and beautiful floral print.

The Magic of Oliphant Dresses

What makes Oliphant dresses really special is that there are so many styles to choose from! Like fun patterns to different sleeve lengths, every girl will surely find a dress she loves. You can wear these dresses to any event, and with a few changes, you can go from casual to fancy, showing how versatile they are.


If you are into floral prints and vintage styles, then Bauble Buy's "Wilma Dress" is the perfect fit. This maxi dress with a round neck and belt is a beautifully detailed piece with a hint of architectural design, perfect for a stylish appearance.

Wilma Dress

New Maxi Dress Styles

Oliphant introduces new maxi dress styles with unique designs like shiny lurex fabric and colorful stripes, suitable for both day and nighttime events. These dresses can be easily accessorized to create different looks.


In summary, Oliphant's range of dresses is a perfect mix of cool style, comfort, and functionality. So why not dig in, be adventurous, and begin your fashion journey with Oliphant. Rock these gorgeous dresses and make heads turn wherever you go!

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