Fall 2024 Fashion Trends Inspired by Kim Shui's Collection

Fall 2024 Fashion Trends Inspired by Kim Shui's Collection

If you're in search of novel fashion trends, Kim Shui's Fall '24 collection offers an exciting treasure trove of inspiration. As it was recently displayed during the Irving Plaza Friday evening, this collection stands as a stunning testament to originality and nonconformity. Shui's collection brings the energy and spirit of the 'Year of the Dragon' - just in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Kim Shui Fall '24 collection

Exploring Kim Shui’s Eclectic Collection

The collection consists of 34 designs, each exuding a mythical dragon-like quality. Kim Shui artistically played with fabrics like leather, snakeskin, and fur. Texture became the soul of every design with lace, varied prints, and the introduction of architectural silhouettes - all contributing towards an unexpected yet delightful combination.

Embrace Bold Colours

Kim Shui looks set to banish winter greys and blacks with hot pink and lime green. She took a further playful turn with sleeves wrapping around the arm and legs, giving a fresh twist to conventionally somber Fall fashion.

Colorful Kim Shui design

Crafting a Complete Look

No look is complete without accessories, and Kim Shui’s collection does not disappoint. Her collaboration with Poppy Lissiman and Akila delivered eclectic sunglasses that paired brilliantly with her unconventional designs. 

Kim Shui accessories


Bringing a fusion of East and West, her Fall ‘24 collection sets the perfect tone for the upcoming season. The fuse of color, texture, and accessories serve as a brilliant idea for those who want to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with their style this fall. You don't need to replicate every look, instead draw motivation from her unique color palettes, bold accessories, and innovative use of fabrics.  

Kim Shui colorful outfits
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