How to Keep up In the Fashion Revolutional Circuit

How to Keep up In the Fashion Revolutional Circuit

The fashion industry is an orbiting cycle. Over the last ten years, we are under different pants. However, unlike other industries, we have entered a world of fast fashion. The stylist, as well as the designers, can innovate and bring in the fashion to meet the consumer needs and make it a big hit of the seasons. 

             Thinking of what's trending, practical fashion is not necessarily the first thing that springs in mind, does it...            

To get a wider understanding of impacting fashion, the different stylist is working upon different styles of styling garments.

As we were running in the wheel of fitted fashion we are gradually emerging towards oversized and loosely fitted clothes.

Let's not forget the early nineties where high rise-loose fits were in.

First, in line are the oversize flared loose-fitted high-rise jeans.

Denim jeans are mainstreams in every wardrobe.

Plenty of experiments have been done on denim over years.

From acid washes-frayed hem-patchworks, denim has gone under many evolutions in itself.

Bell bottom sailor pants are coming in strongly to getting paired up with.  Ruffled high-rise denim jeans are getting experimented with by celebs.

                Going offline from the vibrancy and entering the new 'Beige' world. This is the New In today.

Head-to-Toe, 'beige' is bringing in new ventures of extravagant fashion.

The hand in is the NEW BOHO in saturated and sun-kissed hues clashing up with geometric prints. 


Talking about formal couture, bold colors are the latest punch that will make them look full.  Bright-colored blazers add that extra addition to your look.

'Translucency' is getting into the market rapidly. PVC bags and shoes are adding the thrones of fashion. Celebs are spotted using PVC handbags or cross-body bags and high-angle shoes, mostly in their airport looks.

Moving to the accessories, small tinted glasses overpowering the industry.



Do you wanna be kept in the same fashion which ended months back?

This world is constantly changing every second. Many factors do influence the change in fashion. 

'Political', 'Seasonal', 'Cultural' factors are some amongst all. 

The trend keeps changing with every season it comes, not even with every season it might also change in between the year or every day as per the daily soaps arriving, the film industry and other entertainment channels.

Upcoming stars come into the limelight with their changing fashion. The everyday trending 'OOTD' has also played a major role in this run. Celebs making everyday fashion statements push up the audience to follow up.

                  In today's time, quite many luxury brands are getting affordable for the upper class as well and not just for individuals.

Taking the topic of bridal wear,  many people out of the regular audience are picking out the luxury brands to make their special dates.

It is not always CHANGING, sometimes vintage fashion reunites. The cycle of fashion is recurring. It arrives, fades away, and returns with some innovation or addition in the same

No one wants their wardrobe to get stuck in the same style, each person wants that extra oomph in them.

                   A trend is accepted when it gets accepted by the fashion influencers first and then the audience. This makes the trend big hits for a longer run.



                    Our industry is changing with every minute second, either you can look at it or pass by. For keeping yourself updated on the market, you need to an eye at every nook and corner. Seek into every fashion research report coming releasing. Fashion on the streets needs to be analyzed first hand.

Fashion influencers play a major role in this job. 

'Experimentation Is Good', but experimenting also needs special assistance for seeking the type of 'Print', 'Length', 'Silhouette', 'Colors', etc.

 Keep looking into every collection by the iconic brands. Keep yourself updated with the Trade Shows and Runways. Keep seeking news feed on social media handles. Subscribe to fashion magazines which tend to give you the best and the trending fashion feed.                 

When does a seeker become more than a seeker? It's an EMOTION for fashion at its best. It speaks for you like your -BFF.  It stands up for you like an outward-facing expression of your personality. Fashion trends are not so easy to catch up with, but blogs, influencers, shows, and the market helps you never get off track.

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