H&M’s new collection 'Science story' is just love!

H&M’s new collection 'Science story' is just love!

 A lot of high street brands seem to be turning a blind eye to the ever-growing conversation around - and demand for - sustainability within the fashion industry, H&M continues to stick it out.

H&M continues to be an open book throughout its journey towards using 100% sustainable materials by 2021; a tactic that's often shied away from by brands on a similar trajectory in fear of being called out for their simultaneous less conscious lines.

Affording its shoppers not only the specifics they need to make informed purchasing decisions but also the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the complex processes involved in transforming a much-loved global high street fashion brand into a conscious label upholding sustainable values and practices.

H&M’s new debut collection is 'Science Story', which "pays tribute to the brilliant minds behind fabrications of the future" and it is available to shop online from March 18th.


NEW: EVO by Fulgar® - a bio-based yarn derived from castor oil.

NEW: Desserto - a plant-based vegan alternative to leather created from cactus plants.

RETURNING: Agraloop™ Hemp Biofibre™ - converted food crop waste, in this case leftovers from oilseed hemp, into a new natural fibre.

RETURNING: Eastman Naia™ Renew Cellulosic Fibre - a fabric produced in a closed-loop chemical system from 60% wood pulp and 40% recycled waste plastics

RETURNING: Texloop™ - a type of recycled cotton called RCOT™, processed using pre-consumer cotton waste to create new material while preserving its original quality for further recycling.




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