Dressing Up For Your First Date? Avoid These Gaffes

Dressing Up For Your First Date? Avoid These Gaffes

Time has changed over centuries for the fashion cycle. Since the classic centuries to the hippies. But most importantly, dressing up for the first date hasn't deteriorated its importance.

Talking about the first impressions, then there is nothing more attractive than women with sorted plans and who show up punctually.

Yes, the first impression does matter, but comfort should be the priority. Keep in mind that the selection of the outfit should be appealing, but also that you don't spend your date adjusting your neck and hemlines.

If you wish to dress up like one of your favorite artists, then you might end up feeling anxious about ' who wore it better. So go with one of your selections that is evergreen yet trendy. Being self-confident is the first target over the first dates.

Coming to another rule, research says that women look more attractive in Reds.

As per great researchers, it's concluded that women with high heels look more appealing to men. At the same time, heels give n extra inch definition to your body. But if in any case, you feel uncomfortable in heels then play along with the details of your comfort and choose something wisely.

If we put a lot of thought into our wardrobe choices, then our faces should be given priority as for our dates, our faces will be the starry thing for the start.

Put on natural but flawless makeup. An effortless makeup is a key to putting the 'Best Face Forward'

The bad smell is the biggest turn-off alert.  A pleasing smell is an essential part of dressing up for the special date. By the word you can relate something like sweet, mints, refreshing as well as long-lasting.

Give your hair some Sparkle 'n' touch by adding some curls to the straight ones as your partner can play with your wavy locks to add on some spark to your date. Or, if you are a fan of messy buns, then it's a heads-up choice. Let your tresses down and let them do the talking.

For the final cut, don't add too many accessories. Go for some pearls.


All in all, less is more. Keep yourself straight and you are all set to slay for your first date.

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