Fashion Tips for Graduation - Dress it Up!

Fashion Tips for Graduation - Dress it Up!

Are you buzzing with excitement for the upcoming graduation ceremonies? It's a joyous occasion yet the question of 'what to wear' often puzzles us. Whether you’re graduating or watching as a guest, we know you're wishing to look your best! So, don't worry, we've put together a super helpful guide just for you.

How to Dress for a Graduation

First things first, let's talk comfort. A graduation can be a whole day event sometimes, sitting or standing for many hours. So as hard as it may be, you may want to keep those stylish but uncomfortable shoes at home. The name of the game is feel-good fashion!

Looking Neat and Tidy

Even though there's no strict rule on how to dress for graduation ceremonies, we still want to respect the graduating students. So, aim for a neat and tidy look. Not too tight, not too baggy, not too revealing, and not too short. You could opt for a trendy summer suit or a slightly more formal dress. Better a tad overdressed than underdressed, right?

Think About the Place and Weather

Be clever and plan your outfit based on where the ceremony will be held and what the weather might be like. If it's an outdoor ceremony and sunny, think light breathable fabrics and bring a pair of shades or a hat. And if you're indoors, likely under an air-conditioner, a light sweater or spring blazer could be handy.

What to Wear to a Graduation Ceremony

Now, let's dive into the fun part - picking the outfit! Using some tips from fashion expert, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, let's check out some trendy outfit ideas suitable for a graduation ceremony.

The Evergreen Choice: Sundress and Sandals

You can never go wrong with a chic sundress paired with simple sandals. It's a timeless style and super comfortable too. Just make sure the dress is of modest length and not suddenly exposing you when you least expect it. For inspiration, how about this H & M dress paired with cute rainbow sandals?

Not into Dresses? Go for Suits or Pants Sets

If you're not too keen on wearing a dress, no problem! A trendy suit or pants set would be a great alternative. They are slick and classy, perfect for a celebration like this. Add a summerish touch with some woven sandals and a bamboo clutch. You can check this outfit out on H & M. Perfect pant suit for graduation. 

Dressing Up for an Evening Graduation

Evening graduations generally call for more formal attire. So instead of a casual sundress or linen suit, think a bit more glammed-up. An organza midi dress paired with low mules could be a stunning choice for the evening. Chic yet comfy! 'Luxia Mesh Dress' from bauble buy will be a perfect dress for an evening graduation.


Pick the Perfect Accessories

When choosing accessories for a graduation event, keep it simple and refined. Let your elegant necklace or modest stud earrings do the talking. Have some fun with colors and mix up patterns but remember, keep it balanced and classy as the focus should be on the graduating class and not the guests.

In a Nutshell

Graduation season is full of excitement, smiles, cheers and a tiny bit of 'what-to-wear' stress. But with these practical tips and stylish ideas from the well-known Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog, you're sure to strut in style at the next graduation. Whether you're a dress-person or like sundress alternatives, we've got you covered!

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