Show Off With Watercolor

Show Off With Watercolor

I was surfing through the internet when I came across this beautiful artwork. Wait hold on! I was stunned for a min seeing this masterpiece was not on a canvas but on a skirt! Yes, it's pretty much like wearing artwork! Picture this, soft colors blending into each other, creating a cool yet impactful look. This is what watercolor is.! The beautiful artwork is not just limited to the canvas anymore but to the fashion world too.! One designer who totally nailed it is none other than Ulla Johnson with her fantastic skirt.

Picking The Perfect Match

Of course, you gotta pair your watercolor piece with a perfect match! A basic square neck jersey too by H and M is a perfect match for the skirt.! As the skirt will look more impactful and color will be more visible with the basic white top. 

Don't Forget Your Feet

of-course you can’t leave your feet alone. You need to add something interesting to match the level of the skirt and yet be comfortable and classy. And for that you can always go with these basic Studded Sandals by H and M. Simple, chic, classy, elegant. For your perfect outfit.!

Get Your Watercolor Vibe Going

Alrighty then, that’s the lowdown on the watercolor trend. Go ahead, dive in, have fun, and let your style make a big splash on the fashion scene!



All in all, the watercolor fashion trend is a big hit!

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