Accessories for office look!

Accessories for office look!

Are you tired of looking bland and comfortable? We have found that the best way to have a cake and eat it too, in meeting, is to accessorize with a few special, ready bits that will give the illusion of a thoughtful, sophisticated ensemble without having to ditch your basics.

In this dead of summers, as we trudge through the woes of seasonal depression and a pandemic-borne mix of boredom and anxiety, what little we can do to brighten the mood—be it sparkly, heart-shaped, or frilled—is important.

Below, the best and brightest in neck-up accessories, which are sure to bring joy to your day.


Pretty in pearls Pearls have been the go to pieces for styling work appropriate outfits, as they are seen as reliable and elegant. They are the grown up beaded accessory style and can be used to upgrade work based accessories. A pair of pearl earrings with a statement navy blue blouse and straight fit pants will be a perfect combination and if you are looking at ideas to elongate your neckline try a pearl pendant necklace.


Earrings are the most understated accessory in your box. You can wear this piece strategically as it is very versatile in nature and can be paired with every outfit with finesse. A simple studded pair is a good choice for a Monday morning or for a more transitional piece towards Friday you can choose a pair of diamond studded hoops.


Mixing two different styles of your jewels is the trick many stylists have mastered; you can get this style right to with one thumb rule, always keep one piece a statement and understate yourself on the other pieces. A brooch on dress looks professional.

Neck piece


Necklaces are always tricky pieces of an accessory as the length should be just perfect to create symmetry to get a perfect neckline.

A statement pendant based necklace is the perfect choice for beating the mid-week blues and getting your outfit ready for a night out with your friends while keeping it work appropriately.


Clips and scrunchies are in trend these days.

If you swear by chic and minimalist attire at work, consider amping up your look by using accessories

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