A New Twist With Platform Shoes

A New Twist With Platform Shoes

You know I am obsessed with footwear. I love having a nice shoe collection and getting the most trendy ones. Well here I have another pair of shoes which are trendy in today’s time. These are the Platform Shoes. And I absolutely love them.
They are best for the people with short height as they provide extra inches and are also super comfortable. The ones who don’t prefer pencil heels or any other type of heel, this is the best option for them. Classy and comfy at the same time.!

Franco Sarto

The reason behind my obsession with platform shoes is Franco Sarto. He has a wide range of platform heels and has amazing designs. The quality of the shoe is incredible and the comfort it provides is amazing and something you should definitely try. They are elegant and perfect to add a little height. They have a wide variety of styles and fabric material for this shoe. The classic look is perfect for all the outfits you wear. This is gonna be my new go to wear shoes for sure.!



How to Wear Platforms?

Not sure how to pair your platforms with? Don’t worry, the options are endless. You can wear them with skirts and dresses. And they can go very well with your formal attire for office. For a casual look you can pair them with wide leg jeans and jacket on top to give a casual yet classy look !



Platform shoes are making a big impact in fashion. With the comfort it provides and the ability to add those extra inches to your height it's gonna be worth having a pair of it. I absolutely am obsessed with these. They go perfect with all the outfits. So get a pair for yourself and shake up your shoe collection.!

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