Fun with Fashion: Let's Talk about Mixing Sneakers with Dress

Fun with Fashion: Let's Talk about Mixing Sneakers with Dress

A new trend that's getting popular is wearing dresses with sneakers. Some might find it different, but fashion is all about mixing and matching to create a unique look. You’d be surprised to see how designer dresses look smart with simple sneakers!

Woman wearing dress and sneakers


How to Team up Sneakers with Dresses

Wearing sneakers with dresses needs a bit of thinking, creativity, and balance. Here are some tips to look best in this fashion combo:

Pick the Right Length

The length of the dress matters a lot when combining it with sneakers. Dresses between mini and midi length usually work well. You might want to avoid maxi or very long dresses because they might not look as exciting with sneakers.


Woman wearing dress with sneakers
Keep It Simple

While it's fun to mix and match patterns and prints, try not to make your outfit too busy when pairing sneakers with a dress. Too many patterns or intricate details can make it look too much. If your dress has a lot of prints or details, then keep the sneakers simple, and vice versa.

Match With Casual Accessories

Choose rather simple and casual accessories with dresses and sneakers. Fancy earrings or embellished purses might not match the casual feel of the combo. Go for a simple tote bag or a crossbody purse.

Sneakers that are Perfect for Dresses

Some sneakers are loved for their compatibility with dresses, such as Veja sneakers crafted from soft leather, the classic Adidas Gazelle, versatile Tretorn shoes, and sporty New Balance 754.

Choose a Knit Dress with Classic Sneakers for a Minimalist Look

If you like a minimalistic style, a body-hugging knit dress with classic sneakers could be your go-to choice. No matter your taste in fashion, you can always find a unique way to style sneakers with dresses. 

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