Get Ready for the Newest Fashion Trends with Bauble’s Fashion Guide

Get Ready for the Newest Fashion Trends with Bauble’s Fashion Guide

Fashion must always be and look more vivacious, and the Bauble’s Fashion Guide is here to teach you how to achieve that. Here are a few new trends that can be integrated in styling to make it even better.

Fall in Love with Light Colors

The bright neon colors and shiny golds are out. Fashion is now about quiet and stylish colors like pastels. You can use colors like soft purple, light pink, or pale green on any outfit or accessory. The best part is, these colors work for almost all skin tones.

Flares Are Back!

Every person has a desire for the traditional looks and generous visions; thus, in the emerging world of fashion, flared jeans are on trend. There was a time when this type of jeans was popular among movie stars only, but now flared jeans are coming back to everyday life slowly but surely. You can wear them with cropped top or with your favorite tuck-in shirt to have a proper look.

Puff Sleeves – Just a Bit of Excitement

A little bit of drama is always fun, especially in fashion! Puff sleeves make your outfit look fancy and a little old styled. They make your outfit look structured and add a fun twist to your look. From dresses to tops, puff sleeves are finding their way into everyone's closet. Here we have bauble's, "Lumina Lace Dress" white in colour with those perfect puffy sleeves. 

Whatever your style, Bauble's Fashion Guide promises there's something for you. Try the styles that you like, and make them your own. Remember, the best fashion style is the one you feel most comfortable in!

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